Why Stage?

Complimentary Professional High-End Staging…

Home staging showcases your home with the goal of maximizing your sales price and minimizing your time on the market.

Julie personally pays for every client’s home to be professionally staged. Experience shows that staging adds $$$$ in the Seller’s pocket. Staging can completely transform a home to help buyers envision each room to fit their family and lifestyle.

Staging is a “must have” marketing tool that Julie knows sets her listings apart and why she provides this at no cost to Sellers. A wonderful perk Sellers often share with Julie is professional staging dramatically takes the pressure and time off them and puts it in the hands of experts.

Why Stage?

· How you live is not how you sell….Staging showcases your home to SELL!

· You are selling a lifestyle…Staging will define a lifestyle that appeals to buyers!

· Maximize Profit…Staging is an investment!

Buyers in the Blackhawk, Danville, and Alamo area are looking for a lifestyle, sense of community, and a dream home to raise their families. Our award winning staging and years of experience in creating contemporary style and sophistication, along with the highest level of professional photography, will ensure your home shines above all others.

For 10+ years, Julie has entrusted award winning professional designer, Leanne Revells, President of Details Home Design to take each home to a new level. Leanne is the area’s staging expert and knows the home must captures Buyers’ desires & needs and help them envision the living space as their own.

This link http://www.402verona.com/ exemplifies how home staging dramatically improved the marketing of this home, receiving multiple offers. This home was completely vacant allowing our designer to highlight each area and aspect of the home.

About Leanne Revell, Details Home Design

After more than 10 years of experience helping clients achieve their goals with aesthetically pleasing yet livable interior designs, Leanne Revells formed Details Home Design, a staging and interior design company. A mother of two and resident of Alamo, Leanne understands first-hand the stress on the seller and appreciates that homes need to balance both form and function. She is adept at manipulating space and color to move clients from concept to completion. Leanne makes the most of available resources by combining her love of art and design with her strong sense of practicalities. These are the skills that make Leanne a powerful asset to the Julie Long team! She has a passion for design and embraces each opportunity she has to work in her community.